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user-manual: run xsltproc without --nonet option

The --nonet option prevents xsltproc from going to the network to find
anything. But it always tries to find them locally first, so for a
user with the necessary docbook stylesheets installed the build will
work just fine without xsltproc attempting to use the network; all
--nonet does is make it fail rather than falling back on that. That
doesn't seem particularly helpful.

Signed-off-by: "J. Bruce Fields" <>

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 	$(ASCIIDOC) -b docbook -d book $<
-XSLTOPTS = --nonet --xinclude --stringparam html.stylesheet docbook-xsl.css
+XSLTOPTS = --xinclude --stringparam html.stylesheet docbook-xsl.css
 user-manual.html: user-manual.xml
 	xsltproc $(XSLTOPTS) -o $@ $(XSLT) $<