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Alex Riesen  committed 0dbc4e8

avoid echo -e, there are systems where it does not work

FreeBSD 4.11 being one example: the built-in echo doesn't have -e,
and the installed /bin/echo does not do "-e" as well.
"printf" works, laking just "\e" and "\xAB'.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <junkio@cox.net>

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File git-tag.sh

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 	exit 1
-    ( echo -e "object $object\ntype $type\ntag $name\ntagger $tagger\n";
+    ( printf 'object %s\ntype %s\ntag %s\ntagger %s\n\n' \
+	"$object" "$type" "$name" "$tagger";
     if [ "$signed" ]; then

File t/t3001-ls-files-others-exclude.sh

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      diff -u expect output'
 # Test \r\n (MSDOS-like systems)
-echo -ne '*.1\r\n/*.3\r\n!*.6\r\n' >.gitignore
+printf '*.1\r\n/*.3\r\n!*.6\r\n' >.gitignore
 test_expect_success \
     'git-ls-files --others with \r\n line endings.' \