Anonymous committed 18d97f5 Merge

Merge commit 'v1.6.4.4-8-g8de6518' into maint-1.6.4

* commit 'v1.6.4.4-8-g8de6518':
Fix mis-backport of t7002

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 		echo foo mmap bar_mmap
 		echo foo_mmap bar mmap baz
 	} >file &&
+	echo vvv >v &&
 	echo ww w >w &&
 	echo x x xx x >x &&
 	echo y yy >y &&
 	echo zzz > z &&
 	mkdir t &&
 	echo test >t/t &&
-	git add file w x y z t/t hello.c &&
+	echo vvv >t/v &&
+	mkdir t/a &&
+	echo vvv >t/a/v &&
+	git add . &&
 	test_tick &&
 	git commit -m initial
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