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 'git check-ref-format' <refname>
-'git check-ref-format' [--branch] <branchname-shorthand>
+'git check-ref-format' --branch <branchname-shorthand>
 . at-open-brace `@{` is used as a notation to access a reflog entry.
-With the `--branch` option, it expands a branch name shorthand and
-prints the name of the branch the shorthand refers to.
+With the `--branch` option, it expands the ``previous branch syntax''
+`@{-n}`.  For example, `@{-1}` is a way to refer the last branch you
+were on.  This option should be used by porcelains to accept this
+syntax anywhere a branch name is expected, so they can act as if you
+typed the branch name.