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gitweb: only display "next" links in logs if there is a next page

There was a bug in the implementation of the "next" links in
format_paging_nav (for log and shortlog), which caused the next links
to always be displayed, even if there is no next page. This fixes it.

Signed-off-by: Lea Wiemann <>;
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>;

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 sub format_paging_nav {
-	my ($action, $hash, $head, $page, $nrevs) = @_;
+	my ($action, $hash, $head, $page, $has_next_link) = @_;
 	my $paging_nav;
 		$paging_nav .= " &sdot; prev";
-	if ($nrevs >= (100 * ($page+1)-1)) {
+	if ($has_next_link) {
 		$paging_nav .= " &sdot; " .
 			$cgi->a({-href => href(-replay=>1, page=>$page+1),
 			         -accesskey => "n", -title => "Alt-n"}, "next");
 	my @commitlist = parse_commits($hash, 101, (100 * $page));
-	my $paging_nav = format_paging_nav('log', $hash, $head, $page, (100 * ($page+1)));
+	my $paging_nav = format_paging_nav('log', $hash, $head, $page, $#commitlist >= 100);
 	git_print_page_nav('log','', $hash,undef,undef, $paging_nav);
 	my @commitlist = parse_commits($hash, 101, (100 * $page));
-	my $paging_nav = format_paging_nav('shortlog', $hash, $head, $page, (100 * ($page+1)));
+	my $paging_nav = format_paging_nav('shortlog', $hash, $head, $page, $#commitlist >= 100);
 	my $next_link = '';
 	if ($#commitlist >= 100) {
 		$next_link =
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