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Fix documentation for core.gitproxy to reflect code

The current implementation of core.gitproxy only operates on
git:// URLs, so the ssh:// examples and custom protocol examples
have been removed or edited.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>;

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 	# Proxy settings
-		gitProxy="ssh" for "ssh://"
+		gitProxy="ssh" for ""
 		gitProxy=default-proxy ; for the rest


 	; Proxy settings
-		gitproxy="ssh" for "ssh://"
 		gitproxy="proxy-command" for
-		gitproxy="myprotocol-command" for "my://"
 		gitproxy=default-proxy ; for all the rest
 you can set the filemode to true with
 To add a new proxy, without altering any of the existing ones, use
-% git config core.gitproxy '"proxy" for'
+% git config core.gitproxy '"proxy-command" for'
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