Anonymous avatar Anonymous committed 29776c7

git-gui: drop the 'n' and 'Shift-n' bindings from the last patch.

The 'n' binding should cause the next match to be selected but results
in the search field gaining focus and additional 'n's being appended.

Signed-off-by: Pat Thoyts <>;

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 	bind $top    <Control-Key-s> [list searchbar::show $finder]
 	bind $top       <Escape>     [list searchbar::hide $finder]
 	bind $top       <F3>         [list searchbar::find_next $finder]
-	bind $top       <Key-n>      [list searchbar::find_next $finder]
 	bind $top       <Shift-F3>   [list searchbar::find_prev $finder]
-	bind $top    <Shift-Key-n>   [list searchbar::find_prev $finder]
 	bind $top    <Control-Key-g> [list linebar::show $gotoline]
 	catch { bind $top <Shift-Key-XF86_Switch_VT_3> [list searchbar::find_prev $finder] }
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