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+Git v1.7.2.1 Release Notes
+Fixes since v1.7.2
+ * "git instaweb" wasn't useful when your Apache was installed under a
+   name other than apache2 (e.g. "httpd").
+ * Similarly, "git web--browse" (invoked by "git help -w") learned that
+   chrome browser is sometimes called google-chrome.
+ * An overlong line after ".gitdir: " in a git file caused out of bounds
+   access to an array on the stack.
+ * "git config --path conf.var" to attempt to expand a variable conf.var
+   that uses "~/" short-hand segfaulted when $HOME environment variable
+   was not set.
+ * Documentation on Cygwin failed to build.
+ * The error message from "git pull blarg" when 'blarg' is an unknown
+   remote name has been improved.
+And other minor fixes and documentation updates.


 branch of the `git.git` repository.
 Documentation for older releases are available here:
-* link:v1.7.2/git.html[documentation for release 1.7.2]
+* link:v1.7.2.1/git.html[documentation for release]
 * release notes for
+  link:RelNotes-[],
 * link:v1.7.1.2/git.html[documentation for release]
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