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Fix misspelling of 'suppress' in docs

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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File Documentation/git-checkout.txt

-	Quiet, supress feedback messages.
+	Quiet, suppress feedback messages.
 	Proceed even if the index or the working tree differs

File Documentation/git-send-email.txt

         If this is set, do not add the From: address to the cc: list, if it
         shows up in a From: line.
         Default is the value of 'sendemail.suppressfrom' configuration value;
-        if that is unspecified, default to --no-supress-from.
+        if that is unspecified, default to --no-suppress-from.
 --thread, --no-thread::
 	If this is set, the In-Reply-To header will be set on each email sent.