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* maint:
doc/gitattributes: clarify location of config text
Fix buffer overflow in config parser
git-apply: fix option description

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File Documentation/gitattributes.txt

 Then, you would define a "diff.tex.xfuncname" configuration to
 specify a regular expression that matches a line that you would
-want to appear as the hunk header "TEXT", like this:
+want to appear as the hunk header "TEXT". Add a section to your
+`$GIT_DIR/config` file (or `$HOME/.gitconfig` file) like this:
 [diff "tex"]
 in the "diff.*.wordRegex" configuration variable.  For example, in TeX
 a backslash followed by a sequence of letters forms a command, but
 several such commands can be run together without intervening
-whitespace.  To separate them, use a regular expression such as
+whitespace.  To separate them, use a regular expression in your
+`$GIT_DIR/config` file (or `$HOME/.gitconfig` file) like this:
 [diff "tex"]
 For example, to show the diff of the exif information of a
 file instead of the binary information (assuming you have the
-exif tool installed):
+exif tool installed), add the following section to your
+`$GIT_DIR/config` file (or `$HOME/.gitconfig` file):
 [diff "jpg"]
 	for (;;) {
 		int c = get_next_char();
-		if (len >= sizeof(value))
+		if (len >= sizeof(value) - 1)
 			return NULL;
 		if (c == '\n') {
 			if (quote)

File t/

 check() {
 	echo "$2" >expected
-	git config --get "$1" >actual
+	git config --get "$1" >actual 2>&1
 	test_cmp actual expected
 	check "$SECTION" bar
+LONG_VALUE=$(printf "x%01021dx a" 7)
+test_expect_success 'do not crash on special long config line' '
+	setup &&
+	git config section.key "$LONG_VALUE" &&
+	check section.key "fatal: bad config file line 2 in .git/config"