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gitk: Re-read the descendent/ancestor tag & head info on update

Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>;

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     catch {unset selectedline}
     catch {unset thickerline}
     catch {unset viewdata($n)}
+    discardallcommits
     showview $n
 # Stuff for finding nearby tags
 proc getallcommits {} {
-    global allcstart allcommits
+    global allcstart allcommits allcfd
     set fd [open [concat | git rev-list --all --topo-order --parents] r]
+    set allcfd $fd
     fconfigure $fd -blocking 0
     set allcommits "reading"
     nowbusy allcommits
     restartgetall $fd
+proc discardallcommits {} {
+    global allparents allchildren allcommits allcfd
+    global desc_tags anc_tags alldtags tagisdesc allids desc_heads
+    if {![info exists allcommits]} return
+    if {$allcommits eq "reading"} {
+	catch {close $allcfd}
+    }
+    foreach v {allcommits allchildren allparents allids desc_tags anc_tags
+		alldtags tagisdesc desc_heads} {
+	catch {unset $v}
+    }
 proc restartgetall {fd} {
     global allcstart
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