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Merge branch 'dr/maint-ls-tree-prefix-recursion-fix'

* dr/maint-ls-tree-prefix-recursion-fix:
ls-tree $di $dir: do not mistakenly recurse into directories

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 		speclen = strlen(spec);
 		if (speclen <= len)
+		if (spec[len] && spec[len] != '/')
+			continue;
 		if (memcmp(pathname, spec, len))
 		return 1;


+test_expect_success \
+    'ls-tree with one path a prefix of the other' \
+    'git ls-tree $tree path2/baz path2/bazbo >current &&
+     make_expected <<\EOF &&
+040000 tree X	path2/baz
+120000 blob X	path2/bazbo
+     test_output'
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