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"git commit-tree" learned a more natural "-p <parent> <tree>" order
of arguments long time ago, but recently forgot it by mistake.

* kk/maint-commit-tree:
Revert "git-commit-tree(1): update synopsis"
commit-tree: resurrect command line parsing updates

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File Documentation/git-commit-tree.txt

 'git commit-tree' <tree> [(-p <parent>)...] < changelog
-'git commit-tree' <tree> [(-p <parent>)...] [(-m <message>)...] [(-F <file>)...]
+'git commit-tree' [(-p <parent>)...] [(-m <message>)...] [(-F <file>)...] <tree>

File builtin/commit-tree.c

 	if (argc < 2 || !strcmp(argv[1], "-h"))
-	if (get_sha1(argv[1], tree_sha1))
-		die("Not a valid object name %s", argv[1]);
 	for (i = 1; i < argc; i++) {
 		const char *arg = argv[i];
 		if (!strcmp(arg, "-p")) {

File t/

 This test checks that git commit-tree can create a specific commit
 object by defining all environment variables that it understands.
+Also make sure that command line parser understands the normal
+"flags first and then non flag arguments" command line.
 . ./
     'compare commit' \
     'test_cmp expected commit'
+test_expect_success 'flags and then non flags' '
+	echo comment text |
+	git commit-tree $(cat treeid) >commitid &&
+	echo comment text |
+	git commit-tree $(cat treeid) -p $(cat commitid) >childid-1 &&
+	echo comment text |
+	git commit-tree -p $(cat commitid) $(cat treeid) >childid-2 &&
+	test_cmp childid-1 childid-2 &&
+	git commit-tree $(cat treeid) -m foo >childid-3 &&
+	git commit-tree -m foo $(cat treeid) >childid-4 &&
+	test_cmp childid-3 childid-4