Anonymous avatar Anonymous committed 2fb4a21

Make "empty ident" error message a bit more helpful.

It appears that some people who did not care about having bogus
names in their own commit messages are bitten by the recent
change to require a sane environment [*1*].

While it was a good idea to prevent people from using bogus
names to create commits and doing sign-offs, the error message
is not very informative. This patch attempts to warn things
upfront and hint people how to fix their environments.


*1* The thread is this one.

Especially this message.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>;

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+static const char au_env[] = "GIT_AUTHOR_NAME";
+static const char co_env[] = "GIT_COMMITTER_NAME";
+static const char env_hint[] =
+"\n*** Environment problem:\n"
+"*** Your name cannot be determined from your system services (gecos).\n"
+"*** You would need to set %s and %s\n"
+"*** environment variables; otherwise you won't be able to perform\n"
+"*** certain operations because of \"empty ident\" errors.\n\n";
 int setup_ident(void)
 	int len;
 	/* Get the name ("gecos") */
 	copy_gecos(pw, git_default_name, sizeof(git_default_name));
+	if (!*git_default_name) {
+		if (!getenv(au_env) || !getenv(co_env))
+			fprintf(stderr, env_hint, au_env, co_env);
+	}
 	/* Make up a fake email address (name + '@' + hostname [+ '.' + domainname]) */
 	len = strlen(pw->pw_name);
 	if (len > sizeof(git_default_email)/2)
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