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GIT 1.6.1-rc1

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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 * Various gitweb updates from installation.
+* Updates to emacs bindings.
 * A few test scripts used nonportable "grep" that did not work well on
+* Many operations that are lstat(3) heavy can be told to pre-execute
+  necessary lstat(3) in parallel before their main operations, which
+  potentially gives much improved performance for cold-cache cases or in
+  environments with weak metadata caching (e.g. NFS).
 * The underlying diff machinery to produce textual output has been
   optimized, which would result in faster "git blame" processing.
 * "git merge -s $strategy" can use a custom built strategy if you have a
   command "git-merge-$strategy" on your $PATH.
+* "git pull" (and "git fetch") can be told to operate "-v"erbosely or
+  "-q"uietly.
 * "git push" can be told to reject deletion of refs with receive.denyDeletes
 * when giving up resolving a conflicted merge, "git reset --hard" failed
   to remove new paths from the working tree. [cherry-pick to 'maint'?]
+* "git send-email" can be given revision range instead of files and
+  maildirs on the command line, and automatically runs format-patch to
+  generate patches for the given revision range.
 * "git submodule foreach" subcommand allows you to iterate over checked
   out submodules.
   timestamp part, exposing internal implementation detail.  Also these did
   not work with --fixed-strings match at all.
-* "git tag" did not complain about incompatible combination of options
-  e.g. "tag -l -d" (fix scheduled to be further downmerged to maint).
 * Internal diff machinery had a corner case performance bug that choked on a
   large file with many repeated contents (fix scheduled to be further cherry-
   picked to maint).
 exec >/var/tmp/1
 echo O=$(git describe master)
 git shortlog --no-merges $O..master ^maint