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Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <gitster@pobox.com>

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 * A longstanding confusing description of what --pickaxe option of
   git-diff does has been clarified in the documentation.
+* "git-blame -S" did not quite work near the commits that were given
+  on the command line correctly.
 * "git diff --pickaxe-regexp" did not count overlapping matches
+* "git diff" did not feed files in work-tree representation to external
+  diff and textconv.
 * "git-fetch" in a repository that was not cloned from anywhere said
   it cannot find 'origin', which was hard to understand for new people.
 * import-zips script (in contrib) did not compute the common directory
   prefix correctly.
-Many small documentation updates are included as well.
+* miscompilation of negated enum constants by old gcc (2.9) affected the
+  codepaths to spawn subprocesses.
-exec >/var/tmp/1
-echo O=$(git describe maint)
-git shortlog --no-merges $O..maint
+Many small documentation updates are included as well.


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