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Merge branch 'ks/blame-worktree-textconv-cached' into maint

* ks/blame-worktree-textconv-cached:
fill_textconv(): Don't get/put cache if sha1 is not valid
t/t8006: Demonstrate blame is broken when cachetextconv is on

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 		return df->size;
-	if (driver->textconv_cache) {
+	if (driver->textconv_cache && df->sha1_valid) {
 		*outbuf = notes_cache_get(driver->textconv_cache, df->sha1,
 		if (*outbuf)
 	if (!*outbuf)
 		die("unable to read files to diff");
-	if (driver->textconv_cache) {
+	if (driver->textconv_cache && df->sha1_valid) {
 		/* ignore errors, as we might be in a readonly repository */
 		notes_cache_put(driver->textconv_cache, df->sha1, *outbuf,


 	test_cmp expected result
+test_expect_success 'setup +cachetextconv' '
+	git config diff.test.cachetextconv true
+cat >expected_one <<EOF
+(Number2 2010-01-01 20:00:00 +0000 1) converted: test 1 version 2
+test_expect_success 'blame --textconv works with textconvcache' '
+	git blame --textconv two.bin >blame &&
+	find_blame <blame >result &&
+	test_cmp expected result &&
+	git blame --textconv one.bin >blame &&
+	find_blame  <blame >result &&
+	test_cmp expected_one result
+test_expect_success 'setup -cachetextconv' '
+	git config diff.test.cachetextconv false
 test_expect_success 'make a new commit' '
 	echo "bin: test number 2 version 3" >>two.bin &&
 	GIT_AUTHOR_NAME=Number3 git commit -a -m Third --date="2010-01-01 22:00:00"
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