Linus Torvalds  committed 3ba513c

Make "git resolve" take the merge message in $3

It used to do "Merge $3" as the message, but that ends up being
inconvenient, and much more easily done inside git-pull-script instead.

This makes the third argument to "git resolve" much easier to explain.

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File git-pull-script

 git-resolve-script \
 	"$(cat "$GIT_DIR"/HEAD)" \
 	"$(cat "$GIT_DIR"/FETCH_HEAD)" \
-	"$merge_name"
+	"Merge $merge_name"

File git-resolve-script

 head=$(git-rev-parse --revs-only "$1")
 merge=$(git-rev-parse --revs-only "$2")
 dropheads() {
 	rm -f -- "$GIT_DIR/MERGE_HEAD" \
 # The remote name is just used for the message,
 # but we do want it.
-if [ -z "$head" -o -z "$merge" -o -z "$merge_repo" ]; then
-	die "git-resolve-script <head> <remote> <merge-repo-name>"
+if [ -z "$head" -o -z "$merge" -o -z "$merge_msg" ]; then
+	die "git-resolve-script <head> <remote> <merge-message>"
 echo "Trying to merge $merge into $head"
 git-read-tree -u -m $common $head $merge || exit 1
-merge_msg="Merge $merge_repo"
 result_tree=$(git-write-tree  2> /dev/null)
 if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
 	echo "Simple merge failed, trying Automatic merge"