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core.autocrlf documentation: mention the crlf attribute

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 	writing to the filesystem.  The variable can be set to
 	'input', in which case the conversion happens only while
 	reading from the filesystem but files are written out with
-	`LF` at the end of lines.  Currently, which paths to consider
-	"text" (i.e. be subjected to the autocrlf mechanism) is
-	decided purely based on the contents.
+	`LF` at the end of lines.  A file is considered
+	"text" (i.e. be subjected to the autocrlf mechanism) based on
+	the file's `crlf` attribute, or if `crlf` is unspecified,
+	based on the file's contents.  See linkgit:gitattributes[5].
 	If true, makes git check if converting `CRLF` as controlled by