Thomas Rast  committed 460ccd0

stash pop: remove 'apply' options during 'drop' invocation

The 'git stash pop' option parsing used to remove the first argument
in --index mode. At the time this was implemented, this first
argument was always --index. However, since the invention of the -q
option in fcdd0e9 (stash: teach quiet option, 2009-06-17) you can
cause an internal invocation of

git stash drop --index

by running

git stash pop -q --index

which then of course fails because drop doesn't know --index.

To handle this, instead let 'git stash apply' decide what the future
argument to 'drop' should be.

Warning: this means that 'git stash apply' must parse all options that
'drop' can take, and deal with them in the same way. This is
currently true for its only option -q.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Rast <>
Acked-by: Stephen Boyd <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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 apply_stash () {
+	applied_stash=
 	while test $# != 0
 	if test $# = 0
 		have_stash || die 'Nothing to apply'
+		applied_stash="$ref_stash@{0}"
+	else
+		applied_stash="$*"
 	# stash records the work tree, and is a merge between the
 	if apply_stash "$@"
-		test -z "$unstash_index" || shift
-		drop_stash "$@"
+		drop_stash "$applied_stash"

File t/

 	test ! -s output.out
+test_expect_success 'pop -q --index works and is quiet' '
+	echo foo > file &&
+	git add file &&
+	git stash save --quiet &&
+	git stash pop -q --index > output.out 2>&1 &&
+	test foo = "$(git show :file)" &&
+	test ! -s output.out
 test_expect_success 'drop -q is quiet' '
 	git stash &&
 	git stash drop -q > output.out 2>&1 &&