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  * The Makefile rule to create assembly output (primarily for
    debugging purposes) did not create it next to the source.
+ * The code to avoid mistaken attempt to add the object directory
+   itself as its own alternate could read beyond end of a string while
+   comparison.
  * On some architectures, "block-sha1" did not compile correctly
    when compilers inferred alignment guarantees from our source we
    did not intend to make.
  * "git mergetool" did not support --tool-help option to give the list
    of supported backends, like "git difftool" does.
+ * "git grep" stopped spawning an external "grep" long time ago, but a
+   duplicated test to check internal and external "grep" was left
+   behind.
 Also contains minor typofixes and documentation updates.


 branch of the `git.git` repository.
 Documentation for older releases are available here:
-* link:v1.7.11.4/git.html[documentation for release]
+* link:v1.7.11.5/git.html[documentation for release]
 * release notes for
+  link:RelNotes/[],