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Avoid using "git-var -l" until it gets fixed.

This is to be nicer to people with unusable GECOS field.

"git-var -l" is currently broken in that when used by a user who
does not have a usable GECOS field and has not corrected it by
exporting GIT_COMMITTER_NAME environment variable it dies when
it tries to output GIT_COMMITTER_IDENT (same thing for AUTHOR).

"git-pull" used "git-var -l" only because it needed to get a
configuration variable before "git-repo-config --get" was
introduced. Use the latter tool designed exactly for this

"git-sh-setup" used "git-var GIT_AUTHOR_IDENT" without actually
wanting to use its value. The only purpose was to cause the
command to check and barf if the repository format version
recorded in the $GIT_DIR/config file is too new for us to deal
with correctly. Instead, use "repo-config --get" on a random
property and see if it die()s, and check if the exit status is
128 (comes from die -- missing variable is reported with exit
status 1, so we can tell that case apart).

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>;

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 	exit 0
 ?*' '?*)
-	var=`git-var -l | sed -ne 's/^pull\.octopus=/-s /p'`
+	var=`git repo-config --get pull.octopus`
 	if test '' = "$var"
 		strategy_default_args='-s octopus'
-		strategy_default_args=$var
+		strategy_default_args="-s $var"
-	var=`git-var -l | sed -ne 's/^pull\.twohead=/-s /p'`
+	var=`git repo-config --get pull.twohead`
 	if test '' = "$var"
 		strategy_default_args='-s recursive'
-		strategy_default_args=$var
+		strategy_default_args="-s $var"
 	# Make sure we are in a valid repository of a vintage we understand.
-	GIT_DIR="$GIT_DIR" git-var GIT_AUTHOR_IDENT >/dev/null || exit
+	GIT_DIR="$GIT_DIR" git repo-config --get core.nosuch >/dev/null
+	if test $? == 128
+	then
+	    exit
+	fi
 	GIT_DIR=$(git-rev-parse --git-dir) || exit
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