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git-pull: dead code removal

Back when a74b170 (git-pull: disallow implicit merging to detached HEAD,
2007-01-15) added this check, $? referred to the error status of reading
HEAD as a symbolic-ref; but cd67e4d (Teach 'git pull' about --rebase,
2007-11-28) moved the command away from where the check is, and nobody
noticed the breakage. Ever since, $? has always been 0 (tr at the end of
the pipe to find merge_head never fails) and other case arms were never

These days, error_on_no_merge_candidates function is prepared to handle a
detached HEAD case, which was what the code this patch removes used to

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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 case "$merge_head" in
-	case $? in
-	0) error_on_no_merge_candidates "$@";;
-	1) echo >&2 "You are not currently on a branch; you must explicitly"
-	   echo >&2 "specify which branch you wish to merge:"
-	   echo >&2 "  git pull <remote> <branch>"
-	   exit 1;;
-	*) exit $?;;
-	esac
+	error_on_no_merge_candidates "$@"
 ?*' '?*)
 	if test -z "$orig_head"