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[PATCH] Update the spec file so it can build and install the documentation

If you don't want the documentation simply build with

make RPMBUILD="rpmbuild --without docs"

Signed-off-by: Eric W. Biederman <>
Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>

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+# Pass --without docs to rpmbuild if you don't want the documetnation
 Name: 		git-core
 Version: 	@@VERSION@@
 Release: 	1
 Group: 		Development/Tools
-BuildRequires:	zlib-devel, openssl-devel, curl-devel
+BuildRequires:	zlib-devel, openssl-devel, curl-devel  %{!?_without_docs:, xmlto, asciidoc > 6.0.3}
 BuildRoot:	%{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-root
 Prereq: 	sh-utils, diffutils, rsync, rcs, mktemp >= 1.5
+make all %{!?_without_docs: doc}
-make dest=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT prefix=%{_prefix} install
+make dest=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT prefix=%{_prefix} mandir=%{_mandir} install %{!?_without_docs: install-doc}
-%doc README COPYING Documentation/*
+%doc README COPYING Documentation/*.txt
+%{!?_without_docs: %doc Documentation/*.html }
+%{!?_without_docs: %{_mandir}/man1/*.1.gz}
+%{!?_without_docs: %{_mandir}/man7/*.7.gz}
+* Thu Jul 14 2005 Eric Biederman <>
+- Add the man pages, and the --without docs build option
 * Wed Jul 7 2005 Chris Wright <>
 - initial git spec file