Junio C Hamano  committed 49ed2bc

git-reset to remove "$GIT_DIR/MERGE_MSG"

An earlier commit a9cb3c6e changed git-commit to use the
contents of MERGE_MSG even when we do not have MERGE_HEAD (the
rationale is in its log message).

However, the change tricks the following sequence to include a
merge message in a completely unrelated commit:

$ git pull somewhere
: oops, the conflicts are too much. forget it.
$ git reset --hard
: work work work
$ git commit

To fix this confusion, this patch makes "git reset" to remove
the leftover MERGE_MSG that was prepared when the user abandoned
the merge.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
Acked-by: Luben Tuikov <

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+rm -f "$GIT_DIR/MERGE_HEAD" "$GIT_DIR/rr-cache/MERGE_RR" \
 exit $update_ref_status