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Add -S, --gpg-sign option to manpage of "git commit"

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File Documentation/git-commit.txt

 	   [-F <file> | -m <msg>] [--reset-author] [--allow-empty]
 	   [--allow-empty-message] [--no-verify] [-e] [--author=<author>]
 	   [--date=<date>] [--cleanup=<mode>] [--status | --no-status]
-	   [-i | -o] [--] [<file>...]
+	   [-i | -o] [-S[<keyid>]] [--] [<file>...]
 	commit message template when using an editor to prepare the
 	default commit message.
+	GPG-sign commit.
 	Do not interpret any more arguments as options.