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user-manual: fix clone and fetch typos

More typo fixes from Santi Béjar, plus a couple other mistakes I noticed
along the way.

Cc: Santi Béjar <>
Signed-off-by: "J. Bruce Fields" <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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 first create a new clone of the repository:
-$ git clone --bare proj.git
+$ git clone --bare ~/proj proj.git
-The resulting directory proj.git will contains a "bare" git
-repository--it is just the contents of the ".git" directory, without
-a checked-out copy of a working directory.
+The resulting directory proj.git contains a "bare" git repository--it is
+just the contents of the ".git" directory, without a checked-out copy of
+a working directory.
 Next, copy proj.git to the server where you plan to host the
 public repository.  You can use scp, rsync, or whatever is most
 then the following commands will all do the same thing:
-$ git fetch git:// master:ref/remotes/example/master
-$ git fetch example master:ref/remotes/example/master
-$ git fetch example example/master
+$ git fetch git:// master:refs/remotes/example/master
+$ git fetch example master:refs/remotes/example/master
 $ git fetch example