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Horst H. von Brand  committed 53bcf78

Fix Documentation/everyday.txt: Junio's workflow

The workflow for Junio was badly formatted.

Signed-off-by: Horst H. von Brand <vonbrand@inf.utfsm.cl>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <junkio@cox.net>

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 <11> make sure I did not accidentally rewind master beyond what I
 already pushed out.  "ko" shorthand points at the repository I have
 at kernel.org, and looks like this:
-    $ cat .git/remotes/ko
-    URL: kernel.org:/pub/scm/git/git.git
-    Pull: master:refs/tags/ko-master
-    Pull: maint:refs/tags/ko-maint
-    Push: master
-    Push: +pu
-    Push: maint
+$ cat .git/remotes/ko
+URL: kernel.org:/pub/scm/git/git.git
+Pull: master:refs/tags/ko-master
+Pull: maint:refs/tags/ko-maint
+Push: master
+Push: +pu
+Push: maint
 In the output from "git show-branch", "master" should have
 everything "ko-master" has.
 <12> push out the bleeding edge.
 <13> push the tag out, too.