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escape tilde in Documentation/git-rev-parse.txt

Fixes a failure to build the git-rev-parse manpage, seen with
asciidoc 8.0.0

We would love to use nicer quoting $$~$$ but alas asciidoc 7
does not know about it. So use asciidoc.conf and define {tilde}
to be ~.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
Acked-by: Stefan Richter <>

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File Documentation/asciidoc.conf


File Documentation/git-rev-parse.txt

   'rev{caret}0' means the commit itself and is used when 'rev' is the
   object name of a tag object that refers to a commit object.
-* A suffix '~<n>' to a revision parameter means the commit
+* A suffix '{tilde}<n>' to a revision parameter means the commit
   object that is the <n>th generation grand-parent of the named
   commit object, following only the first parent.  I.e. rev~3 is
   equivalent to rev{caret}{caret}{caret} which is equivalent to\