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Documentation updates.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <junkio@cox.net>

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 - committer name and email and the commit time.
 If not provided, "git-commit-tree" uses your name, hostname and domain to
-provide author and committer info. This can be overridden using the
-following environment variables.
+provide author and committer info. This can be overridden by
+either `.git/config` file, or using the following environment variables.
 (nb "<", ">" and "\n"s are stripped)
+In `.git/config` file, the following items are used:
+	[user]
+		name = "Your Name"
+		email = "your@email.address.xz"
 A commit comment is read from stdin (max 999 chars). If a changelog
 entry is not provided via "<" redirection, "git-commit-tree" will just wait
 for one to be entered and terminated with ^D.
 You don't exist. Go away!::

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-	     [--add] [--remove] [--refresh] [--replace]
-	     [--ignore-missing]
-	     [--force-remove]
+	     [--add] [--remove] [--unmerged] [--refresh] [--replace]
 	     [--cacheinfo <mode> <object> <file>]\*
+	     [--chmod=(+|-)x]
-	     [-z] [--stdin]
+	     [--force-remove]
+	     [--stdin]
+	     [--index-info]
+	     [--ignore-missing]
+	     [-z]
 	     [--] [<file>]\*
 	Files to act on.
-	Note that files begining with '.' are discarded. This includes
+	Note that files beginning with '.' are discarded. This includes
 	`./file` and `dir/./file`. If you don't want this, then use	
 	cleaner names.
 	The same applies to directories ending '/' and paths with '//'
    git-checkout-index -n -f -a && git-update-index --ignore-missing --refresh
+The command honors `core.filemode` configuration variable.  If
+your repository is on an filesystem whose executable bits are
+unreliable, this should be set to 'false'.  This causes the
+command to ignore differences in file modes recorded in the
+index and the file mode on the filesystem if they differ only on
+executable bit.   On such an unfortunate filesystem, you may
+need to use `git-update-index --chmod=`.
 Written by Linus Torvalds <torvalds@osdl.org>

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+Configuration Mechanism
+Starting from 0.99.9 (actually mid 0.99.8.GIT), .git/config file
+is used to hold per-repository configuration options.  It is a
+simple text file modelled after `.ini` format familiar to some
+people.  Here is an example:
+# This is the config file, and
+# a '#' or ';' character indicates
+# a comment
+; core variables
+	; Don't trust file modes
+	filemode = false
+; user identity
+	name = "Junio C Hamano"
+	email = "junkio@twinsun.com"
+Various commands read from the configuration file and adjust
+their operation accordingly.
 Identifier Terminology