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+Git v1.7.10.3 Release Notes
+Fixes since v1.7.10.2
+ * Running "git checkout" on an unborn branch used to corrupt HEAD.
+ * When checking out another commit from an already detached state, we
+   used to report all commits that are not reachable from any of the
+   refs as lossage, but some of them might be reachable from the new
+   HEAD, and there is no need to warn about them.
+ * Some time ago, "git clone" lost the progress output for its
+   "checkout" phase; when run without any "--quiet" option, it should
+   give progress to the lengthy operation.
+ * "log -z --pretty=tformat:..." did not terminate each record with
+   NUL.  The fix is not entirely correct when the output also asks for
+   --patch and/or --stat, though.
+ * The DWIM behaviour for "log --pretty=format:%gd -g" was somewhat
+   broken and gave undue precedence to configured, causing
+   "git stash list" to show "stash@{time stamp string}".
+Also contains minor fixes and documentation updates.
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