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t/README: clarify test_must_fail description
Check size of path buffer before writing into it


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 	char path[PATH_MAX];
 	size_t len = strlen(suspect);
+	if (PATH_MAX <= len + strlen("/objects"))
+		die("Too long path: %.*s", 60, suspect);
 	strcpy(path, suspect);
 	if (getenv(DB_ENVIRONMENT)) {
 		if (access(getenv(DB_ENVIRONMENT), X_OK))
  - test_must_fail <git-command>
    Run a git command and ensure it fails in a controlled way.  Use
-   this instead of "! <git-command>" to fail when git commands
-   segfault.
+   this instead of "! <git-command>".  When git-command dies due to a
+   segfault, test_must_fail diagnoses it as an error; "! <git-command>"
+   treats it as just another expected failure, which would let such a
+   bug go unnoticed.
  - test_might_fail <git-command>