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Revert "Allow wish interpreter to be defined with TCLTK_PATH"

This reverts commit e2a1bc67d321a0c03737179f331c39a52e7049d7.

Junio rightly pointed out this patch doesn't handle the
`make install` target very well:

Junio C Hamano <> writes:
> You should never generate new files in the source tree from
> 'install' target. Otherwise, the usual pattern of "make" as
> yourself and then "make install" as root would not work from a
> "root-to-nobody-squashing" NFS mounted source tree to local
> filesystem. You should know better than accepting such a patch.

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 	QUIET_BUILT_IN = @echo '   ' BUILTIN $@;
-TCLTK_PATH ?= wish
 ifeq ($(findstring $(MAKEFLAGS),s),s)
 install: all
 	$(INSTALL) -d -m755 '$(DESTDIR_SQ)$(gitexecdir_SQ)'
-	sed -i .bak -e'1,3s|^exec .* "$$0"|exec '"$(TCLTK_PATH)"' "$$0"|' git-gui && rm git-gui.bak
 	$(INSTALL) git-gui '$(DESTDIR_SQ)$(gitexecdir_SQ)'
 	$(foreach p,$(GITGUI_BUILT_INS), rm -f '$(DESTDIR_SQ)$(gitexecdir_SQ)/$p' && ln '$(DESTDIR_SQ)$(gitexecdir_SQ)/git-gui' '$(DESTDIR_SQ)$(gitexecdir_SQ)/$p' ;)