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Junio C Hamano  committed 6f426c7

Update draft release notes to 1.7.2

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <gitster@pobox.com>

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 Updates since v1.7.1
+ * core.eol configuration and eol attribute are the new way to control
+   the end of line conventions for files in the working tree;
+   core.autocrlf overrides it, keeping the traditional behaviour by
+   default.
  * The whitespace rules used in "git apply --whitespace" and "git diff"
    gained a new member in the family (tab-in-indent) to help projects with
    policy to indent only with spaces.
    environment variable can be used to tell git not to stop at a
    filesystem boundary.
+ * Usage help messages generated by parse-options library (i.e. most
+   of the Porcelain commands) are sent to the standard output now.
+ * ':/<string>' notation to look for a commit now takes regular expression
+   and it is not anchored at the beginning of the commit log message
+   anymore (this is a backward incompatible change).
  * "git" wrapper learned "-c name=value" option to override configuration
    variable from the command line.
+ * Improved portability for various platforms including older SunOS,
+   HP-UX 10/11, AIX, Tru64, etc. and platforms with Python 2.4.
  * The message from "git am -3" has been improved when conflict
    resolution ended up making the patch a no-op.
    prepares to create a root commit that is not connected to any existing
- * "git commit --amend" on a commit with an invalid author-name line that
-   lacks the display name didn't work (fb7749e4).
+ * "git cherry-pick" learned to pick a range of commits (e.g. "cherry-pick
+   A..B"); this does not have nicer sequencing control "rebase [-i]" has,
+   though.
  * "git cvsserver" can be told to use pserver; its password file can be
    stored outside the repository.
  * "git for-each-ref" learned "%(objectname:short)" that gives the object
    name abbreviated.
+ * "git format-patch" learned --signature option and format.signature
+   configuration variable to customize the e-mail signature used in the
+   output.
  * Various options to "git grep" (e.g. --count, --name-only) work better
    with binary files.
  * "git log --follow <path>" follows across copies (it used to only follow
    renames).  This may make the processing more expensive.
- * "git ls-files ../out/side/cwd" works now.
+ * "git log --pretty=format:<template>" specifier learned "% <something>"
+   magic that inserts a space only when %<something> expands to a
+   non-empty string; this is similar to "%+<something>" magic, but is
+   useful in a context to generate a single line output.
  * "git notes prune" learned "-n" (dry-run) and "-v" options, similar to
    what "git prune" has.
  * "git revert" learned --strategy option to specify the merge strategy.
+ * "git rev-list A..B" learned --ancestry-path option to further limit
+   the result to the commits that are on the ancestry chain between A and
+   B (i.e. commits that are not descendants of A are excluded).
  * "git status [-s] --ignored" can be used to list ignored paths.
  * "git status -s -b" shows the current branch in the output.
  * Various "gitweb" enhancements and clean-ups, including syntax
-   highlighting, "plackup" support for instaweb, etc.
+   highlighting, "plackup" support for instaweb, .fcgi suffix to run
+   it as FastCGI script, etc.
 Fixes since v1.7.1
  * We didn't URL decode "file:///path/to/repo" correctly when path/to/repo
    had percent-encoded characters (638794c, 9d2e942).
+ * "git commit" did not honor GIT_REFLOG_ACTION environment variable, resulting
+   reflog messages for cherry-pick and revert actions to be recorded as "commit".
  * "git clone/fetch/pull" issued an incorrect error message when a ref and
    a symref that points to the ref were updated at the same time.  This
    obviously would update them to the same value, and should not result in
-   an error condition (7223dcaf).
+   an error condition (0e71bc3).
  * "git clone" did not configure remote.origin.url correctly for bare
    clones (df61c889).
+ * "git diff" inside a tree with many pathnames that have certain
+   characters has become very slow in 1.7.0 by mistake (will merge
+   e53e6b443 to 'maint').
  * "git diff --graph" works better with "--color-words" and other options
  * "git diff" could show ambiguous abbreviation of blob object names on
    its "index" line (3e5a188).
- * "git merge --log" used to replace the custom message given by "-m" with
-   the shortlog, instead of appending to it (tc/merge-m-log).
  * "git reset --hard" started from a wrong directory and a working tree in
    a nonstandard location is in use got confused (560fb6a1).
- * "git show -C -C" and other corner cases lost diff metainfo output
-   in 1.7.0 (296c6bb).
 exec >/var/tmp/1
 echo O=$(git describe HEAD)
 git shortlog --no-merges HEAD ^maint ^$O