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Document the use of "current directory" as pull source.

The repository to pull from can be a local repository, and as a
special case the current directory can be specified to perform
merges across local branches.

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File Documentation/git-pull.txt

 into the local HEAD.  Otherwise uses 'git octopus' to merge them
 into the local HEAD.
+Note that you can use '.' (current directory) as the
+<repository> to pull from the local repository -- this is useful
+when merging local branches into the current branch.

File Documentation/tutorial.txt

 You could even pull from your own repository by
-giving '.' as <remote-repository> parameter to `git pull`.
+giving '.' as <remote-repository> parameter to `git pull`.  This
+is useful when you want to merge a local branch (or more, if you
+are making an Octopus) into the current branch.
 It is likely that you will be pulling from the same remote
 repository from time to time. As a short hand, you can store