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Petr Baudis  committed 7162dff

Add support for explicit type specifiers when calling git-repo-config

Currently, git-repo-config will just return the raw value of option
as specified in the config file; this makes things difficult for scripts
calling it, especially if the value is supposed to be boolean.

This patch makes it possible to ask git-repo-config to check if the option
is of the given type (int or bool) and write out the value in its
canonical form. If you do not pass --int or --bool, the behaviour stays
unchanged and the raw value is emitted.

This also incidentally fixes the segfault when option with no value is

[jc: tweaked the option parsing a bit to make it easier to see
that the patch does not change anything but the type stuff in
the diff output. Also changed to avoid "foo ? : bar" construct. ]

Signed-off-by: Petr Baudis <pasky@suse.cz>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <junkio@cox.net>

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File Documentation/git-repo-config.txt

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-'git-repo-config' name [value [value_regex]]
-'git-repo-config' --replace-all name [value [value_regex]]
-'git-repo-config' --get name [value_regex]
-'git-repo-config' --get-all name [value_regex]
-'git-repo-config' --unset name [value_regex]
-'git-repo-config' --unset-all name [value_regex]
+'git-repo-config' [type] name [value [value_regex]]
+'git-repo-config' [type] --replace-all name [value [value_regex]]
+'git-repo-config' [type] --get name [value_regex]
+'git-repo-config' [type] --get-all name [value_regex]
+'git-repo-config' [type] --unset name [value_regex]
+'git-repo-config' [type] --unset-all name [value_regex]
 *not* matching the regex, just prepend a single exclamation mark in front
 (see EXAMPLES).
+The type specifier can be either '--int' or '--bool', which will make
+'git-repo-config' ensure that the variable(s) are of the given type and
+convert the value to the canonical form (simple decimal number for int,
+a "true" or "false" string for bool). If no type specifier is passed,
+no checks or transformations are performed on the value.
 This command will fail if
 . .git/config is invalid,

File repo-config.c

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 #include <regex.h>
 static const char git_config_set_usage[] =
-"git-repo-config [--get | --get-all | --replace-all | --unset | --unset-all] name [value [value_regex]]";
+"git-repo-config [ --bool | --int ] [--get | --get-all | --replace-all | --unset | --unset-all] name [value [value_regex]]";
 static char* key = NULL;
 static char* value = NULL;
 static int do_all = 0;
 static int do_not_match = 0;
 static int seen = 0;
+static enum { T_RAW, T_INT, T_BOOL } type = T_RAW;
 static int show_config(const char* key_, const char* value_)
 			fprintf(stderr, "More than one value: %s\n", value);
-		value = strdup(value_);
+		if (type == T_INT) {
+			value = malloc(256);
+			sprintf(value, "%d", git_config_int(key_, value_));
+		} else if (type == T_BOOL) {
+			value = malloc(256);
+			sprintf(value, "%s", git_config_bool(key_, value_)
+					     ? "true" : "false");
+		} else {
+			value = strdup(value_ ? value_ : "");
+		}
 	return 0;
 int main(int argc, const char **argv)
+	while (1 < argc) {
+		if (!strcmp(argv[1], "--int"))
+			type = T_INT;
+		else if (!strcmp(argv[1], "--bool"))
+			type = T_BOOL;
+		else
+			break;
+		argc--;
+		argv++;
+	}
 	switch (argc) {
 	case 2:
 		return get_value(argv[1], NULL);