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git-gui: Remove TODO list.

I'm apparently not very good at keeping my own TODO file current.
I its also somewhat strange to keep the TODO list as part of the
software branch, as its meta-information that is not directly
related to the code. I'm pulling the TODO list from git-gui and
moving it into a seperate branch.

Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>

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-Items outstanding:
- * Add file to .gitignore or info/excludes.
- * Populate the pull menu with local branches.
- * Make use of the new default merge data stored in repo-config.
- * Checkout a different local branch.
- * Push any local branch to a remote branch.
- * Merge any local branches through a real merge UI.
- * Allow user to define keyboard shortcuts for frequently used fetch
-   or merge operations.  Or maybe just define a keyboard shortcut
-   for default fetch/default merge of current branch is enough;
-   but I do know a few users who merge a couple of common branches
-   also into the same branch so one default isn't quite enough.
- * Better organize fetch/push/pull console windows.
- * Clone UI (to download a new repository).
- * Remotes editor (for .git/config format only).
- * Show a shortlog of the last couple of commits in the main window,
-   to give the user warm fuzzy feelings that we have their data
-   saved.  Actually this may be the set of commits not yet in
-   the upstream (aka default merge branch remote repository).
- * GUI configuration editor for options listed in
-   git.git/Documentation/config.txt.  Ideally this would
-   parse that file and generate the options dialog from
-   the documentation itself, and include the help text
-   from the documentation as part of the UI somehow.
-Known bugs:
- * git-gui sometimes just closes on Windows with no error message.
-   I'm not sure what the problem is here.  I suspect the wish
-   process is just terminating due to a segfault or something,
-   as the do_quit proc in git-gui doesn't run.  It often seems to
-   occur while writing a commit message in the buffer.  Odd.