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File Documentation/git-apply.txt

 	Ensure at least <n> lines of surrounding context match before
 	and after each change.  When fewer lines of surrounding
-	context exist they all most match.  By default no context is
+	context exist they all must match.  By default no context is
 	ever ignored.

File Documentation/git-shortlog.txt

 git-shortlog - Summarize 'git log' output
 git-log --pretty=short | 'git-shortlog'
 Summarizes 'git log' output in a format suitable for inclusion
-in release announcements.
+in release announcements. Each commit will be grouped by author
+the first line of the commit message will be shown.
+Additionally, "[PATCH]" will be stripped from the commit description.
+	If this file exists, it will be used for mapping author email
+	addresses to a real author name. One mapping per line, first
+	the author name followed by the email address enclosed by
+	'<' and '>'. Use hash '#' for comments. Example:
+		# Keep alphabetized
+		Adam Morrow <adam@localhost.localdomain>
+		Eve Jones <eve@laptop.(none)>

File Documentation/glossary.txt

 git archive::
 	Synonym for repository (for arch people).
+	Grafts enables two otherwise different lines of development to be
+	joined together by recording fake ancestry information for commits.
+	This way you can make git pretend the set of parents a commit
+	has is different from what was recorded when the commit was created.
+	Configured via the `.git/info/grafts` file.
 	In git's context, synonym to object name.