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Update draft release notes to 1.6.3

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File Documentation/RelNotes-1.6.3.txt

 (usability, bells and whistles)
+* Boolean configuration variable yes/no can be written as on/off.
 * rsync:/path/to/repo can be used to run git over rsync for local
   repositories.  It may not be useful in practice; meant primarily for
 * "--oneline" is a synonym for "--pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit".
+* "--graph" to the "git log" family can draw the commit ancestry graph
+  in colors.
 * If you realize that you botched the patch when you are editing hunks
   with the 'edit' action in git-add -i/-p, you can abort the editor to
   tell git not to apply it.
   1.6.2, but the initial implementation did not teach this to a few
   commands.  Now the syntax works with "branch -m @{-1} newname".
+* "git-add -p" now supports "q"uit action.
 * git-archive learned --output=<file> option.
+* git-archive takes attributes from the tree being archived; strictly
+  speaking, this is an incompatible behaviour change, but is a good one.
+  Use --worktree-attributes option to allow it to read attributes from
+  the work tree as before (deprecated git-tar tree command always reads
+  attributes from the work tree).
 * git-bisect shows not just the number of remaining commits whose goodness
   is unknown, but also shows the estimated number of remaining rounds.
 * git-clone runs post-checkout hook when run without --no-checkout.
+* git-difftool is now part of the officially supported command, primarily
+  maintained by David Aguilar.
 * git-fast-export choked when seeing a tag that does not point at commit.
 * git-for-each-ref learned a new "upstream" token.
 Here are fixes that this release has, but have not been backported to
 v1.6.2.X series.
+* "git-apply" rejected a patch that swaps two files (i.e. renames A to B
+  and B to A at the same time).  May need to be backported by cherry
+  picking d8c81df and then 7fac0ee).
 * The initial checkout did not read the attributes from the .gitattribute
   file that is being checked out.
-* "git-checkout <tree-ish> <submodule>" did not update the index entry at
-  the named path; it now does.
 * git-gc spent excessive amount of time to decide if an object appears
   in a locally existing pack (if needed, backport by merging 69e020a).
-* "git-ls-tree" and "git-diff-tree" used a pathspec correctly when
-  deciding to descend into a subdirectory but they did not match the
-  individual paths correctly.  This caused pathspecs "abc/d ab" to match
-  "abc/0" ("abc/d" made them decide to descend into the directory "abc/",
-  and then "ab" incorrectly matched "abc/0" when it shouldn't).
-* "git-merge-recursive" was broken when a submodule entry was involved in
-  a criss-cross merge situation.
 exec >/var/tmp/1
 echo O=$(git describe master)
 git shortlog --no-merges $O..master ^maint