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Document ls-files --with-tree=<tree-ish>

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File Documentation/git-ls-files.txt

 		[-x <pattern>|--exclude=<pattern>]
 		[-X <file>|--exclude-from=<file>]
-		[--error-unmatch]
+		[--error-unmatch] [--with-tree=<tree-ish>]
 		[--full-name] [--abbrev] [--] [<file>]\*
 	If any <file> does not appear in the index, treat this as an
 	error (return 1).
+	When using --error-unmatch to expand the user supplied
+	<file> (i.e. path pattern) arguments to paths, pretend
+	that paths which were removed in the index since the
+	named <tree-ish> are still present.  Using this option
+	with `-s` or `-u` options does not make any sense.
 	Identify the file status with the following tags (followed by
 	a space) at the start of each line: