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"blame -c" should be compatible with "annotate"

There is no reason to have a separate variable cmd_is_annotate;
OUTPUT_ANNOTATE_COMPAT option is supposed to produce the compatibility
output, and we should produce the same output even when the command was
not invoked as "annotate" but as "blame -c".

Noticed by Pasky.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>;

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 static int reverse;
 static int blank_boundary;
 static int incremental;
-static int cmd_is_annotate;
 static int xdl_opts = XDF_NEED_MINIMAL;
 static struct string_list mailmap;
 		if (suspect->commit->object.flags & UNINTERESTING) {
 			if (blank_boundary)
 				memset(hex, ' ', length);
-			else if (!cmd_is_annotate) {
+			else if (!(opt & OUTPUT_ANNOTATE_COMPAT)) {
 	struct parse_opt_ctx_t ctx;
-	cmd_is_annotate = !strcmp(argv[0], "annotate");
+	int cmd_is_annotate = !strcmp(argv[0], "annotate");
 	git_config(git_blame_config, NULL);
 	init_revisions(&revs, NULL);
 	argc = parse_options_end(&ctx);
+	if (cmd_is_annotate)
+		output_option |= OUTPUT_ANNOTATE_COMPAT;
 	if (DIFF_OPT_TST(&revs.diffopt, FIND_COPIES_HARDER))


     ! grep -v "^master[	 ]\+master$" < out
+cd "$WORKDIR"
+test_expect_success 'cvs annotate' '
+    cd cvswork &&
+    GIT_CONFIG="$git_config" cvs annotate merge >../out &&
+    sed -e "s/ .*//" ../out >../actual &&
+    for i in 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 4; do echo 1.$i; done >../expect &&
+    test_cmp ../expect ../actual
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