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Johannes Schindelin  committed 7e0f170

filter-branch: provide the convenience functions also for commit filters

Move the convenience functions to the top of git-filter-branch.sh, and
return from the script when the environment variable SOURCE_FUNCTIONS is

By sourcing git-filter-branch with that variable set automatically, all
commit filters may access the convenience functions like "map".

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <johannes.schindelin@gmx.de>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <gitster@pobox.com>

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File Documentation/git-filter-branch.txt

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 As a special extension, the commit filter may emit multiple
 commit ids; in that case, ancestors of the original commit will
 have all of them as parents.
-Note that the 'map' function is not available in the commit filter yet.
-This will be changed in a future version.
 --tag-name-filter <command>::
 	This is the filter for rewriting tag names. When passed,

File git-filter-branch.sh

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 # a new branch. You can specify a number of filters to modify the commits,
 # files and trees.
-USAGE="[--env-filter <command>] [--tree-filter <command>] \
-[--index-filter <command>] [--parent-filter <command>] \
-[--msg-filter <command>] [--commit-filter <command>] \
-[--tag-name-filter <command>] [--subdirectory-filter <directory>] \
-[--original <namespace>] [-d <directory>] [-f | --force] \
-[<rev-list options>...]"
-. git-sh-setup
 warn () {
         echo "$*" >&2
 	echo "[ -n \"\$GIT_${uid}_NAME\" ] || export GIT_${uid}_NAME=\"\${GIT_${uid}_EMAIL%%@*}\""
+# This script can be sourced by the commit filter to get the functions
+test "a$SOURCE_FUNCTIONS" = a1 && return
+this_script="$(cd "$(dirname "$0")"; pwd)"/$(basename "$0")
+export this_script
+USAGE="[--env-filter <command>] [--tree-filter <command>] \
+[--index-filter <command>] [--parent-filter <command>] \
+[--msg-filter <command>] [--commit-filter <command>] \
+[--tag-name-filter <command>] [--subdirectory-filter <directory>] \
+[--original <namespace>] [-d <directory>] [-f | --force] \
+[<rev-list options>...]"
+. git-sh-setup
-		filter_commit="$OPTARG"
+		filter_commit='SOURCE_FUNCTIONS=1 . "$this_script";'" $OPTARG"

File t/t7003-filter-branch.sh

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 	! git filter-branch -f HEAD^
+test_expect_success '"map" works in commit filter' '
+	git filter-branch -f --commit-filter "\
+		parent=\$(git rev-parse \$GIT_COMMIT^) &&
+		mapped=\$(map \$parent) &&
+		actual=\$(echo \"\$@\" | sed \"s/^.*-p //\") &&
+		test \$mapped = \$actual &&
+		git commit-tree \"\$@\";" master~2..master &&
+	git rev-parse --verify master