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Merge git://

* git://
gitk: Force the focus to the main window on Windows
gitk: Allow unbalanced quotes/braces in commit headers
gitk: Update German translation
gitk: Mark forgotten strings (header sentence parts in color chooser) for translation
gitk: Ensure that "Reset branch" menu entry is enabled
gitk: Use check-buttons' -text property instead of separate labels
gitk: Map / to focus the search box
gitk: Fix bugs in blaming code

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     set header [string range $contents 0 [expr {$hdrend - 1}]]
     set comment [string range $contents [expr {$hdrend + 2}] end]
     foreach line [split $header "\n"] {
+	set line [split $line " "]
 	set tag [lindex $line 0]
 	if {$tag == "author"} {
 	    set audate [lindex $line end-1]
-	    set auname [lrange $line 1 end-2]
+	    set auname [join [lrange $line 1 end-2] " "]
 	} elseif {$tag == "committer"} {
 	    set comdate [lindex $line end-1]
-	    set comname [lrange $line 1 end-2]
+	    set comname [join [lrange $line 1 end-2] " "]
     set headline {}
     bindkey b prevfile
     bindkey d "$ctext yview scroll 18 units"
     bindkey u "$ctext yview scroll -18 units"
-    bindkey / {dofind 1 1}
+    bindkey / {focus $fstring}
     bindkey <Key-Return> {dofind 1 1}
     bindkey ? {dofind -1 1}
     bindkey f nextfile
 [mc "<%s-F>		Find" $M1T]
 [mc "<%s-G>		Move to next find hit" $M1T]
 [mc "<Return>	Move to next find hit"]
-[mc "/		Move to next find hit, or redo find"]
+[mc "/		Focus the search box"]
 [mc "?		Move to previous find hit"]
 [mc "f		Scroll diff view to next file"]
 [mc "<%s-S>		Search for next hit in diff view" $M1T]
     return {}
+# Turn an absolute path into one relative to the current directory
+proc make_relative {f} {
+    set elts [file split $f]
+    set here [file split [pwd]]
+    set ei 0
+    set hi 0
+    set res {}
+    foreach d $here {
+	if {$ei < $hi || $ei >= [llength $elts] || [lindex $elts $ei] ne $d} {
+	    lappend res ".."
+	} else {
+	    incr ei
+	}
+	incr hi
+    }
+    set elts [concat $res [lrange $elts $ei end]]
+    return [eval file join $elts]
 proc external_blame {parent_idx {line {}}} {
-    global flist_menu_file
+    global flist_menu_file gitdir
     global nullid nullid2
     global parentlist selectedline currentid
     if {$line ne {} && $line > 1} {
 	lappend cmdline "--line=$line"
-    lappend cmdline $base_commit $flist_menu_file
+    set f [file join [file dirname $gitdir] $flist_menu_file]
+    # Unfortunately it seems git gui blame doesn't like
+    # being given an absolute path...
+    set f [make_relative $f]
+    lappend cmdline $base_commit $f
+    puts "cmdline={$cmdline}"
     if {[catch {eval exec $cmdline &} err]} {
 	error_popup "[mc "git gui blame: command failed:"] $err"
 		    error_popup [mc "Error reading index: %s" $err]
+	    } else {
+		set id $parents($curview,$currentid)
 	} else {
 	    set id [lindex $parents($curview,$currentid) $pi]
     } else {
 	lappend blameargs $id
-    lappend blameargs -- $flist_menu_file
+    lappend blameargs -- [file join [file dirname $gitdir] $flist_menu_file]
     if {[catch {
 	set f [open $blameargs r]
     } err]} {
     if {$id ne $nullid && $id ne $nullid2} {
 	set menu $rowctxmenu
 	if {$mainhead ne {}} {
-	    $menu entryconfigure 7 -label [mc "Reset %s branch to here" $mainhead]
+	    $menu entryconfigure 7 -label [mc "Reset %s branch to here" $mainhead] -state normal
 	} else {
 	    $menu entryconfigure 7 -label [mc "Detached head: can't reset" $mainhead] -state disabled
 	-font optionfont
     spinbox $top.maxpct -from 1 -to 100 -width 4 -textvariable maxgraphpct
     grid x $top.maxpctl $top.maxpct -sticky w
-    frame $top.showlocal
-    label $top.showlocal.l -text [mc "Show local changes"] -font optionfont
-    checkbutton $top.showlocal.b -variable showlocalchanges
-    pack $top.showlocal.b $top.showlocal.l -side left
+    checkbutton $top.showlocal -text [mc "Show local changes"] \
+	-font optionfont -variable showlocalchanges
     grid x $top.showlocal -sticky w
-    frame $top.autoselect
-    label $top.autoselect.l -text [mc "Auto-select SHA1"] -font optionfont
-    checkbutton $top.autoselect.b -variable autoselect
-    pack $top.autoselect.b $top.autoselect.l -side left
+    checkbutton $top.autoselect -text [mc "Auto-select SHA1"] \
+	-font optionfont -variable autoselect
     grid x $top.autoselect -sticky w
     label $top.ddisp -text [mc "Diff display options"]
     label $top.tabstopl -text [mc "Tab spacing"] -font optionfont
     spinbox $top.tabstop -from 1 -to 20 -width 4 -textvariable tabstop
     grid x $top.tabstopl $top.tabstop -sticky w
-    frame $top.ntag
-    label $top.ntag.l -text [mc "Display nearby tags"] -font optionfont
-    checkbutton $top.ntag.b -variable showneartags
-    pack $top.ntag.b $top.ntag.l -side left
+    checkbutton $top.ntag -text [mc "Display nearby tags"] \
+	-font optionfont -variable showneartags
     grid x $top.ntag -sticky w
-    frame $top.ldiff
-    label $top.ldiff.l -text [mc "Limit diffs to listed paths"] -font optionfont
-    checkbutton $top.ldiff.b -variable limitdiffs
-    pack $top.ldiff.b $top.ldiff.l -side left
+    checkbutton $top.ldiff -text [mc "Limit diffs to listed paths"] \
+	-font optionfont -variable limitdiffs
     grid x $top.ldiff -sticky w
-    frame $top.lattr
-    label $top.lattr.l -text [mc "Support per-file encodings"] -font optionfont
-    checkbutton $top.lattr.b -variable perfile_attrs
-    pack $top.lattr.b $top.lattr.l -side left
+    checkbutton $top.lattr -text [mc "Support per-file encodings"] \
+	-font optionfont -variable perfile_attrs
     grid x $top.lattr -sticky w
     entry $top.extdifft -textvariable extdifftool
     grid $top.cdisp - -sticky w -pady 10
     label $ -padx 40 -relief sunk -background $bgcolor
     button $top.bgbut -text [mc "Background"] -font optionfont \
-	-command [list choosecolor bgcolor {} $ background setbg]
+	-command [list choosecolor bgcolor {} $ [mc "background"] setbg]
     grid x $top.bgbut $ -sticky w
     label $top.fg -padx 40 -relief sunk -background $fgcolor
     button $top.fgbut -text [mc "Foreground"] -font optionfont \
-	-command [list choosecolor fgcolor {} $top.fg foreground setfg]
+	-command [list choosecolor fgcolor {} $top.fg [mc "foreground"] setfg]
     grid x $top.fgbut $top.fg -sticky w
     label $top.diffold -padx 40 -relief sunk -background [lindex $diffcolors 0]
     button $top.diffoldbut -text [mc "Diff: old lines"] -font optionfont \
-	-command [list choosecolor diffcolors 0 $top.diffold "diff old lines" \
+	-command [list choosecolor diffcolors 0 $top.diffold [mc "diff old lines"] \
 		      [list $ctext tag conf d0 -foreground]]
     grid x $top.diffoldbut $top.diffold -sticky w
     label $top.diffnew -padx 40 -relief sunk -background [lindex $diffcolors 1]
     button $top.diffnewbut -text [mc "Diff: new lines"] -font optionfont \
-	-command [list choosecolor diffcolors 1 $top.diffnew "diff new lines" \
+	-command [list choosecolor diffcolors 1 $top.diffnew [mc "diff new lines"] \
 		      [list $ctext tag conf dresult -foreground]]
     grid x $top.diffnewbut $top.diffnew -sticky w
     label $top.hunksep -padx 40 -relief sunk -background [lindex $diffcolors 2]
     button $top.hunksepbut -text [mc "Diff: hunk header"] -font optionfont \
 	-command [list choosecolor diffcolors 2 $top.hunksep \
-		      "diff hunk header" \
+		      [mc "diff hunk header"] \
 		      [list $ctext tag conf hunksep -foreground]]
     grid x $top.hunksepbut $top.hunksep -sticky w
     label $top.markbgsep -padx 40 -relief sunk -background $markbgcolor
     grid x $top.markbgbut $top.markbgsep -sticky w
     label $top.selbgsep -padx 40 -relief sunk -background $selectbgcolor
     button $top.selbgbut -text [mc "Select bg"] -font optionfont \
-	-command [list choosecolor selectbgcolor {} $top.selbgsep background setselbg]
+	-command [list choosecolor selectbgcolor {} $top.selbgsep [mc "background"] setselbg]
     grid x $top.selbgbut $top.selbgsep -sticky w
     label $top.cfont -text [mc "Fonts: press to choose"]
 	addviewmenu $n
+if {[tk windowingsystem] eq "win32"} {
+    focus -force .
 getcommits {}


 msgstr ""
 "Project-Id-Version: git-gui\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
-"POT-Creation-Date: 2008-10-25 13:18+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2008-10-25 13:23+0200\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2008-12-06 20:40+0100\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2008-12-06 20:45+0100\n"
 "Last-Translator: Christian Stimming <>\n"
 "Language-Team: German\n"
 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
 msgid "List references"
 msgstr "Zweige/Markierungen auflisten"
-#: gitk:1815
+#: gitk:1915
+msgid "Start git gui"
+msgstr "»git gui« starten"
+#: gitk:1917
 msgid "Quit"
 msgstr "Beenden"
 msgid "Blame parent commit"
 msgstr "Annotieren der Elternversion"
-#: gitk:2488
+#: gitk:2360
+msgid "Show origin of this line"
+msgstr "Herkunft dieser Zeile anzeigen"
+#: gitk:2361
+msgid "Run git gui blame on this line"
+msgstr "Annotieren (»git gui blame«) von dieser Zeile"
+#: gitk:2606
 msgid ""
 "Gitk - a commit viewer for git\n"
 msgid "git gui blame: command failed:"
 msgstr "git gui blame: Kommando fehlgeschlagen:"
-#: gitk:3092
+#: gitk:3398
+#, tcl-format
+msgid "Couldn't read merge head: %s"
+msgstr "Zusammenführungs-Spitze konnte nicht gelesen werden: %s"
+#: gitk:3406
+#, tcl-format
+msgid "Error reading index: %s"
+msgstr "Fehler beim Lesen der Bereitstellung (»index«): %s"
+#: gitk:3431
+#, tcl-format
+msgid "Couldn't start git blame: %s"
+msgstr "»git blame« konnte nicht gestartet werden: %s"
+#: gitk:3434 gitk:6160
+msgid "Searching"
+msgstr "Suchen"
+#: gitk:3466
+#, tcl-format
+msgid "Error running git blame: %s"
+msgstr "Fehler beim Ausführen von »git blame«: %s"
+#: gitk:3494
+#, tcl-format
+msgid "That line comes from commit %s,  which is not in this view"
+msgstr ""
+"Diese Zeile stammt aus Version %s, welche nicht in dieser Ansicht gezeigt "
+#: gitk:3508
 msgid "External diff viewer failed:"
 msgstr "Externes Vergleich-(Diff-)Programm fehlgeschlagen:"
 msgid "Gitk view definition"
 msgstr "Gitk Ansichten"
-#: gitk:3225
-msgid "Name"
-msgstr "Name"
-#: gitk:3228
+#: gitk:3630
 msgid "Remember this view"
 msgstr "Diese Ansicht speichern"
 msgid "Commits to include (arguments to git log):"
 msgstr "Versionen anzeigen (Argumente von git-log):"
-#: gitk:3239
+#: gitk:3632
+msgid "Use all refs"
+msgstr "Alle Zweige verwenden"
+#: gitk:3633
+msgid "Strictly sort by date"
+msgstr "Streng nach Datum sortieren"
+#: gitk:3634
+msgid "Mark branch sides"
+msgstr "Zweig-Seiten markieren"
+#: gitk:3635
+msgid "Since date:"
+msgstr "Von Datum:"
+#: gitk:3636
+msgid "Until date:"
+msgstr "Bis Datum:"
+#: gitk:3637
+msgid "Max count:"
+msgstr "Max. Anzahl:"
+#: gitk:3638
+msgid "Skip:"
+msgstr "Überspringen:"
+#: gitk:3639
+msgid "Limit to first parent"
+msgstr "Auf erste Elternversion beschränken"
+#: gitk:3640
 msgid "Command to generate more commits to include:"
 msgstr "Versionsliste durch folgendes Kommando erzeugen lassen:"
-#: gitk:3246
+#: gitk:3749
+msgid "Name"
+msgstr "Name"
+#: gitk:3797
 msgid "Enter files and directories to include, one per line:"
 msgstr "Folgende Dateien und Verzeichnisse anzeigen (eine pro Zeile):"
-#: gitk:3293
+#: gitk:3811
+msgid "Apply (F5)"
+msgstr "Anwenden (F5)"
+#: gitk:3849
 msgid "Error in commit selection arguments:"
 msgstr "Fehler in den ausgewählten Versionen:"
 msgid "Local uncommitted changes, not checked in to index"
 msgstr "Lokale Änderungen, nicht bereitgestellt"
-#: gitk:5549
-msgid "Searching"
-msgstr "Suchen"
-#: gitk:6049
+#: gitk:6673
 msgid "Tags:"
 msgstr "Markierungen:"
 msgid "Precedes"
 msgstr "Vorgänger von"
-#: gitk:6378
-msgid "Error getting merge diffs:"
-msgstr "Fehler beim Laden des Vergleichs:"
+#: gitk:7209
+#, tcl-format
+msgid "Error getting diffs: %s"
+msgstr "Fehler beim Laden des Vergleichs: %s"
-#: gitk:7113
+#: gitk:7748
 msgid "Goto:"
 msgstr "Gehe zu:"
 msgid "Please specify a name for the new branch"
 msgstr "Bitte geben Sie einen Namen für den neuen Zweig an."
-#: gitk:7703
+#: gitk:8328
+#, tcl-format
+msgid "Branch '%s' already exists. Overwrite?"
+msgstr "Zweig »%s« existiert bereits. Soll er überschrieben werden?"
+#: gitk:8394
 #, tcl-format
 msgid "Commit %s is already included in branch %s -- really re-apply it?"
 msgstr ""
 msgid "Cherry-picking"
 msgstr "Version pflücken"
-#: gitk:7720
+#: gitk:8408
+#, tcl-format
+msgid ""
+"Cherry-pick failed because of local changes to file '%s'.\n"
+"Please commit, reset or stash your changes and try again."
+msgstr ""
+"Pflücken fehlgeschlagen, da noch lokale Änderungen in Datei »%s«\n"
+"vorliegen. Bitte diese Änderungen eintragen, zurücksetzen oder\n"
+"zwischenspeichern (»git stash») und dann erneut versuchen."
+#: gitk:8414
+msgid ""
+"Cherry-pick failed because of merge conflict.\n"
+"Do you wish to run git citool to resolve it?"
+msgstr ""
+"Pflücken fehlgeschlagen, da ein Zusammenführungs-Konflikt aufgetreten\n"
+"ist. Soll das »git citool« (Zusammenführungs-Werkzeug) aufgerufen\n"
+"werden, um diesen Konflikt aufzulösen?"
+#: gitk:8430
 msgid "No changes committed"
 msgstr "Keine Änderungen eingetragen"
 msgid "Background"
 msgstr "Hintergrund"
-#: gitk:9435
+#: gitk:10153 gitk:10183
+msgid "background"
+msgstr "Hintergrund"
+#: gitk:10156
 msgid "Foreground"
 msgstr "Vordergrund"
-#: gitk:9439
+#: gitk:10157
+msgid "foreground"
+msgstr "Vordergrund"
+#: gitk:10160
 msgid "Diff: old lines"
 msgstr "Vergleich: Alte Zeilen"
-#: gitk:9444
+#: gitk:10161
+msgid "diff old lines"
+msgstr "Vergleich - Alte Zeilen"
+#: gitk:10165
 msgid "Diff: new lines"
 msgstr "Vergleich: Neue Zeilen"
-#: gitk:9449
+#: gitk:10166
+msgid "diff new lines"
+msgstr "Vergleich - Neue Zeilen"
+#: gitk:10170
 msgid "Diff: hunk header"
 msgstr "Vergleich: Änderungstitel"
-#: gitk:9455
+#: gitk:10172
+msgid "diff hunk header"
+msgstr "Vergleich - Änderungstitel"
+#: gitk:10176
+msgid "Marked line bg"
+msgstr "Markierte Zeile Hintergrund"
+#: gitk:10178
+msgid "marked line background"
+msgstr "markierte Zeile Hintergrund"
+#: gitk:10182
 msgid "Select bg"
 msgstr "Hintergrundfarbe Auswählen"