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+Git v1.7.10.1 Release Notes
+Fixes since v1.7.10
+ * "git add -p" is not designed to deal with unmerged paths but did
+   not exclude them and tried to apply funny patches only to fail.
+ * When PATH contains an unreadable directory, alias expansion code
+   did not kick in, and failed with an error that said "git-subcmd"
+   was not found.
+ * "git clean -d -f" (not "-d -f -f") is supposed to protect nested
+   working trees of independent git repositories that exist in the
+   current project working tree from getting removed, but the
+   protection applied only to such working trees that are at the
+   top-level of the current project by mistake.
+ * "git commit --author=$name" did not tell the name that was being
+   recorded in the resulting commit to hooks, even though it does do
+   so when the end user overrode the authorship via the
+   "GIT_AUTHOR_NAME" environment variable.
+ * When "git commit --template F" errors out because the user did not
+   touch the message, it claimed that it aborts due to "empty
+   message", which was utterly wrong.
+ * The regexp configured with diff.wordregex was incorrectly reused
+   across files.
+ * An age-old corner case bug in combine diff (only triggered with -U0
+   and the hunk at the beginning of the file needs to be shown) has
+   been fixed.
+ * Rename detection logic used to match two empty files as renames
+   during merge-recursive, leading to unnatural mismerges.
+ * Running "notes merge --commit" failed to perform correctly when run
+   from any directory inside $GIT_DIR/.  When "notes merge" stops with
+   conflicts, $GIT_DIR/NOTES_MERGE_WORKTREE is the place a user edits
+   to resolve it.
+ * The 'push to upstream' implementation was broken in some corner
+   cases. "git push $there" without refspec, when the current branch
+   is set to push to a remote different from $there, used to push to
+   $there using the upstream information to a remote unreleated to
+   $there.
+Also contains minor fixes and documentation updates.