Anonymous committed 8e6ae4a

Add -P to the documentation head.

This is a companion patch for 211dcac6430cdf77fcf2a968ffaf9313b5c059b0
commit, to add the newly introduced -P option to the list of options.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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 'git-cvsimport' [ -o <branch-for-HEAD> ] [ -h ] [ -v ]
 			[ -d <CVSROOT> ] [ -p <options-for-cvsps> ]
-			[ -C <git_repository> ] [ -i ] [ -k ]
+			[ -C <git_repository> ] [ -i ] [ -P <file> ] [ -k ]
 			[ -s <subst> ] [ -m ] [ -M regex ] [ <CVS_module> ]
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