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git-config: Various small fixes to asciidoc documentation

Add '' around the only mentioned commandline option that didn't
have it.

Make reference to section EXAMPLE a link and rename it to
EXAMPLES because it actually contains a lot of examples.

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Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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File Documentation/git-config.txt

 lines, a POSIX regexp `value_regex` needs to be given.  Only the
 existing values that match the regexp are updated or unset.  If
 you want to handle the lines that do *not* match the regex, just
-prepend a single exclamation mark in front (see EXAMPLES).
+prepend a single exclamation mark in front (see also <<EXAMPLES>>).
 The type specifier can be either '--int' or '--bool', which will make
 'git-config' ensure that the variable(s) are of the given type and
 . the section or key is invalid,
 . you try to unset an option which does not exist,
 . you try to unset/set an option for which multiple lines match, or
-. you use --global option without $HOME being properly set.
+. you use '--global' option without $HOME being properly set.
 	from the global configuration file in addition to the given file.
 Given a .git/config like this: