Shawn O. Pearce  committed 949da61

git-gui: Improve our labeling of blame annotation types

It feels wrong to call the -M -C -C annotations "move/copy tracking"
as they are actually the original locations. So I'm relabeling
the status bar to show "copy/move tracking annotations" for the
current file (no -M -C -C) as that set of annotations tells us who
put the hunk here (who moved/copied it). I'm now calling the -M
-C -C pass "original location annotations" as that's what we're
really digging for.

I also tried to clarify some of the text in the hover tooltip.

Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>

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File lib/blame.tcl

 			$w_file yview moveto [lindex $jump 3]
-		_exec_blame $this $w_asim @asim_data [list] {}
+		_exec_blame $this $w_asim @asim_data \
+			[list] \
+			{ copy/move tracking}
 } ifdeleted { catch {close $fd} }
 		if {$cur_w eq $w_asim} {
 			_exec_blame $this $w_amov @amov_data \
 				[list -M -C -C] \
-				{ move/copy tracking}
+				{ original location}
 		} else {
 			set current_fd {}
 			set status {Annotation complete.}
 	$tooltip_t insert end "$summary"
 	if {$org ne {} && [lindex $org 0] ne $cmit} {
-		$tooltip_t insert 0.0 "Moved Here By:\n" section_header
+		$tooltip_t insert 0.0 "Copied/Moved Here By:\n" section_header
 		set cmit [lindex $org 0]
 		set file [lindex $org 1]
 		lappend tooltip_commit $cmit
 		if {$file ne $path} {
 			$tooltip_t insert end "\n"
-			$tooltip_t insert end "File: " section_header
+			$tooltip_t insert end "In File: " section_header
 			$tooltip_t insert end $file