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Set up remotes/origin to track all remote branches.

This implements the idea Daniel Barkalow came up with, to match
the remotes/origin created by clone by default to the workflow I
use myself in my guinea pig repository, to have me eat my own
dog food.

We probably would want to use either .git/refs/local/heads/*
(idea by Linus) or .git/refs/heads/origin/* instead to reduce
the local ref namespace pollution.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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 remote `master` branch.  Every time `git pull` without argument
 is run, the progress on the remote `master` branch is tracked by
 copying it into the local `origin` branch, and merged into the
-branch you are currently working on.
+branch you are currently working on.  Remote branches other than
+`master` are also added there to be tracked.
 		mkdir -p .git/remotes &&
 		echo >.git/remotes/origin \
 		"URL: $repo
-Pull: $head_points_at:origin"
-		cp ".git/refs/heads/$head_points_at" .git/refs/heads/origin
+Pull: $head_points_at:origin" &&
+		cp ".git/refs/heads/$head_points_at" .git/refs/heads/origin &&
+		find .git/refs/heads -type f -print |
+		while read ref
+		do
+			head=`expr "$ref" : '.git/refs/heads/\(.*\)'` &&
+			test "$head_points_at" = "$head" ||
+			test "origin" = "$head" ||
+			echo "Pull: ${head}:${head}"
+		done >>.git/remotes/origin
 	case "$no_checkout" in
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