Giuseppe Bilotta  committed 97bed03

gitk: Map / to focus the search box

The / key is often used to initiate searches (less, vim, some web
browsers). This changes the binding for the / (slash) key from 'find
next' to 'focus the search box' to follow this convention.

Signed-off-by: Giuseppe Bilotta <>
Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>

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     bindkey b prevfile
     bindkey d "$ctext yview scroll 18 units"
     bindkey u "$ctext yview scroll -18 units"
-    bindkey / {dofind 1 1}
+    bindkey / {focus $fstring}
     bindkey <Key-Return> {dofind 1 1}
     bindkey ? {dofind -1 1}
     bindkey f nextfile
 [mc "<%s-F>		Find" $M1T]
 [mc "<%s-G>		Move to next find hit" $M1T]
 [mc "<Return>	Move to next find hit"]
-[mc "/		Move to next find hit, or redo find"]
+[mc "/		Focus the search box"]
 [mc "?		Move to previous find hit"]
 [mc "f		Scroll diff view to next file"]
 [mc "<%s-S>		Search for next hit in diff view" $M1T]