Anonymous committed 9ce7028

git-show-branch: tighten merge-base computation.

This makes the merge-base computation resistant to the pathological
case discussed on the list earlier, by doing the same logic as
git-merge-base. As a side effect, it breaks the command's primary
function to list non-merge commit sequences, which needs to be fixed

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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 	while (*list_p) {
 		struct commit_list *parents;
+		int still_interesting = !!interesting(*list_p);
 		struct commit *commit = pop_one_commit(list_p);
 		int flags = commit->object.flags & all_mask;
-		int still_interesting = !!interesting(*list_p);
-		if (!still_interesting && extra < 0)
+		if (!still_interesting && extra <= 0)
 		mark_seen(commit, seen_p);